(Oriented Strand Board)

OSB is manufactured from wood flakes which are oriented to provide a cross laminated panel. All flakes are coated in resin, this gives a strong durable product free from any core gap.

Also known as
Waferboard, Sterling Board.

Common uses
Shelving, platform construction, packaging, furniture compontents and timber frame.

OSB2 - Perfect for dry conditions where stability and load bearing strength is needed.
OSB3 - Provides the same characteristics of OSB2 but with added conditioning which allows it to perform in humid environments.

All boards are produced in accordance with BSEN:300


8mm 11mm 14mm 18mm 22mm
2440 x 1220
OSB3 9mm 11mm 18mm
2440 x 1220  
2397 x 1197  
2697 x 1197    
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