Chipboard is constructed from a mixture of wood chips and resin bonded together under high pressure.

Also known as

Grades & Uses

P1 Standard Grade General construction, shelving, packaging
P2 Furniture Grade Furniture frames, veneering, laminating
P3 Moisture Resistant Furniture Grade Furniture frames, veneering, laminating
P5 Moisture Resistant Flooring Grade Domestic floors, portable buildings, mobile homes
P6 Industrial Heavy Duty Flooring Grade Load bearing floors, mezzanine floors
All grades are manufactured in accordance with EN312:2003



Standard/Furniture Grade = STD
Moisture Resistant = MR

Sizes Available 12mm 14mm 15mm 18mm 25mm 28mm 38mm
2440x1220mm STD STD STD STD STD    
3050x1220mm       STD STD MR MR
2440x1830mm       STD STD    
2745x1830mm     STD STD STD    
3080x1850mm       STD      
2800x2070mm     STD STD STD    

Flooring Chipboard

Sizes Available 18mm 22mm 38mm
2400x600mm TG4 MR MR
2100x600mm TG2LE     STD
2400x600mm TG2LE  

For P6 –Industrial heavy duty flooring grade click here.

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